How to make income tax interesting; murder presidents, bribe officials, start wars, etc.

Did you know that income tax revenues do not go towards the road, education, welfare, or anything else helpful to our nation?  In fact our income tax is only collected to pay off the interest on the money the Federal Reserve has loaned us.  And the Federal Reserve is actually a for-profit institution that is privately owned by the richest and most powerful people in the world.  The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express.  There are in fact no laws that require you to pay your income tax.  If you do your research you will find out that these corrupt bankers have been trying to enslave us for hundreds of years.  Actually, all of the hard core research has been done by others already.  There are several movies that will completely blow your mind and there are even two people at this very moment (as of June 12, 2007 ) standing up for themselves and the constitution against the tyrannical federal reserve.  They are currently on the verge of a Waco/Ruby Ridge incident in New Hampshire where they have barricaded themselves in their home and are ready to die.  Congressman Ron Paul of Texas who is running for the 2008 presidency is also an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve system.  He has said that if he were to be elected president that he would take steps to repatriate control over our money supply.  This is fascinating stuff ladies and gentlemen.  After finding out that Abraham Lincoln, and JFK were assassinated because they wanted to take back control of the money supply and that Andrew Jackson has “I killed the bank” engraved on his gravestone because of his success fighting against the European money interests you might not find the season finale of the Sopranos so interesting.

Here are two excellent videos on the subject:

Here is a link to the New Hampshire couple on the verge of a Waco style standoff:

Wild wild stuff.  Comments anyone?

5 thoughts on “How to make income tax interesting; murder presidents, bribe officials, start wars, etc.

  1. wes your getting too much of you info from the youtube intenet. it is ok, but you need to read more. i have some recommends for you if you have the time. you kind of remind me of a 15 year old who just starts to read chomsky or zinn… talking about how the goverment is taking all we got, while sipping a frappacino and playing xbox, later on you realize that that is what the goverment does and has been doing. it is a game, and we try and figure out ways to keep our shit. that first link you posted was just a little better than reefer madness.

  2. That sounds like the standard Fox news response; discredit and make people scared or embarrassed to look into the facts while totally ignoring the factual evidence. I understand that it is in governments nature to become tyrannical and from looking at these moviesit appears that this has been happening for a long time. So it looks like we agree on that. Are you saying that the Federal Reserve system is not private and that we have full control over our money supply? Or are you saying that you already knew that and then read some other books that allowed you to put it into perspective?

    Do you think this congressman from Texas is totally misinformed?

    Did you watch the whole three-hour movie?

    Thank you for the comment. I love it. Give me those reading recommendations along with a summary of what I might learn reading them.

    Chris, would you like to chime in here?

  3. Wes here are some links for the government’s physical budget 2008.
    both these websites have links to tables and actual public domain on the budget… the second link actually talks about what you were saying about the treasury dept loaning money… but it is not all our money like you say it is. It is all right there. I don’t have that much time, but don’t worry; I will get back to you.
    All I am saying is don’t watch a movie telling you what you spend your money on; look for yourself at what you spend your money on. More so, don’t tell what we are spending our money that is condescending, pointing to us as if we are naïve. You are the one living in Thailand. That nonsense is like trying to tell me Alaska is cold.

  4. The whole point of the movie is that the government has the power to make its own money instead of borrowing money from creditors. When you borrow from creditors you have to pay interest; interest that has to be paid one way or the other. Perhaps I put too much stress on where your income tax money goes; the point is that our entire money supply is rigged to make already rich bankers even richer.

    I think that getting to know how long this fight has been going on is fascinating. It is also fascinating that it is no longer mentioned much in mainstream media. If you look at the major players involved over time you will find that they are connected with all of the same players today.

    The fact that we are spending trillions on war, when we are already in debt, fits in with their agenda.

    Unless you know all of these players then it is impossible to see the entire picture. How much do you know about the trilateral commission, the Council on foreign relations, the Carlyle group, or the Billderbergs?

    Attracting attention to these groups, their agendas, the power they hold, the money and control that they are consolidating, their media ownership, is what I am trying to do.

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