Maxthon vocola commands

Here are my Vocola commands for Maxthon browser.  Almost everyone who tries this browser agrees that it is the best.  More plug-ins than any other browser including Firefox.

#Maxthon commands
auto refresh = {alt+t}{r}{enter} ;
Find Text <_anything> = {Ctrl+f} $1 {Enter};
view source = {alt+v}o ;
#show sidebar = {Ctrl+e} ;
show sidebar = SendSystemKeys( {Ctrl+e} );
find on page = SendSystemKeys( {Ctrl+f} );
show images = {Alt+o}{d}{i} ;
toggle content filter = {Alt+i} ;
Visit <_anything> = {Alt+d}www.$1 {Ctrl+Shift+Home} HeardWord (“compound”,”that”){Right}{Enter}{f3};

refresh page = {F5};
search field = SendSystemKeys( {Ctrl+Shift+f} );
search for clipboard = SendSystemKeys( {Ctrl+Shift+f} {Ctrl+v}{enter});
address field = {Alt+d};
address field clipboard = {Alt+d}{Ctrl+c};
visit the clipboard = SendSystemKeys( {alt+d} {Ctrl+v}{enter});
tab right = {F3};
tab right 1..15 = Repeat($1,{F3}) ; 
tab left = {F2};
tab left 1..15 = Repeat($1,{F2}) ; 
Internet options =  {alt+o}e;
new tab = {Ctrl+t};
close tab = {Ctrl+w};
restore tab = {Alt+z} ;

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2 thoughts on “Maxthon vocola commands

  1. Hello,

    I am attempting to create a command that will issue a paste, backspace 6, and move down 1, 1-10 times. The following two commands are my failed attempts. Is it possible to do this with Vocola?

    Junk repeat 1..10 = Repeat($1, {Ctrl+v}{Back 6}{down 1}); doesn’t work

    Junk repeat 1..10 = Repeat($1, SendSystemKeys( {alt+d} {Ctrl+v}{enter})); doesn’t work


  2. Here is a working version
    Junk repeat 1..10 = Repeat($1,{Ctrl+v}{backspace_6}{down_1});

    Instead of “back 6” I changed it to backspace_6. same with the down command. You need to use the underscores between the word and number.

    Hope that helps.

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