Vocola voice recognition commands for Skype

The Vocola commands allow me to initiate Skype calls from within my browser.  Skype has poor shortcut support so this is the best workaround I’ve found so far.

When I say “call someone now” I can then utter a phone number such as 555-213-9610 and then say press enter.  A Skype window will pop up asking me if I really want to make a call and I say “okay” and the call is initiated.

If I want to call Johannes I just have to say “call Johannes now” and Skype will give me the pop up window to verify that I want to make the call.

If I have a phone number on the clipboard I just have to say “call clipboards now” and the phone call will be initiated.

#working with Skype contacts commands
call someone now = {Alt+d}skype:+1?call{Left_5};
call clipboards now = {Alt+d}skype:+1{Ctrl+v}?call{enter}; 
call <Skypecontacts> now = {Alt+d}skype:$1?call{enter};

<Skypecontacts> := (
Johannes = +13805184223
| RE/MAX = +13803385858
| George = +6676297

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