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Ever wish there was software out there that could do certain things?  Well I wish I had some desktop “tagging ” software.  If you have ever used Gmail than you will be familiar with how you can tag your e-mail messages so that you can easily find them in the future.  All sorts of software is allowing you to tag things nowadays however I can’t find any basic software that allows you to tag files and folders and contacts and other stuff on my computer.  I do have some photo editing software that allows you to tag files of any kind however it is accomplished in sort of a roundabout way.  If you know of any software like this or are also wishing for some software like this please leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “software WishList… desktop tagging

  1. I understand that Windows vista has desktop tagging; anyone have any feedback on that?

    Haven’t heard anything else positive about Windows vista.

    I found a couple tagging programs but both of them fall short in one way or another. One program only works with Outlook and the other one doesn’t work with Outlook.


    This is a program that doesn’t work with Outlook but appears to work with all other files on the computer. I might try this one out. I might waste several hours playing with it when I could be putting billable hours into projects that would benefit the bottom line. Curiosity killed the cat.

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