Required Watching…. Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist: the German word meaning literally: time ghost, or "spirit of the times". It refers to the totality of experience of a time or age; eg the Romantic era was characterized by a 'zeitgeist' of man vs nature, the emergence of and solitary 'existential hero,' freedom in the arts and expression etc.

That's It, That's All Teaser This one looks good. Thanks for the link James..

Focus on “accountability”… it is worth repeating… “accountability”

Did you receive e-mail from your family or friends discussing a racial role reversal on our two presidential candidates?  I received the same e-mail twice and responded with this: So the real question is how does a guy like McCain get to where he is now? Does talking about racism breed more racism? I learned about racism and how to be racist by watching civil

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