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I see Swanbergs.

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  1. an interview on KMXT

    A conversation with James

    W. so you have some new ideas that I must admit sound a little retarded to me, but yet they captivate me. Can you talk further on them now?
    J. what part?
    W. well when you Skype me you talk about how much you can unify the theory, or at least all the theories out there and that you “figured it all”
    J. well if you put it that way, I think I have.
    W. explain it?
    J. at what part are you ready to understand? You are still wrapping your mind around Chomsky and all bases of intuitive small pictures of western states. You have 911 stuff in your mind. To me it is like standing in McDonalds and thinking about what plastic thing you want to put on top of your cup. Your mind has to break it down, you have to look at your cup once, and then look at the little circles and figure out what shape fits what.
    W. you do it too.
    J. I must admit I do but in all fairness to you it points out commonality.
    W. ok, just say something, something that you would say to me perhaps on the phone.
    J. you never say words like perhaps. But ok. Let’s say there is a female lion chasing, let’s say an antelope, at some point the antelope makes leaps and beautifully sprinting bounds on intelligent design ahead of the lion. The Lion somehow calculates all this without no knowledge of speed, inertia or the laws of physics and stops dead in its tracks. We as animals have somehow inherited this from the laws of evolution and I believe most species grasp this.
    W. I get a lion chasing its prey and a lion saying it isn’t possible to catch this antelope and just saying it is impossible.
    J. so Lions speak now?
    W. no, I mean it is something more natural and instinctive.
    J. you are getting closer to what I want to talk about now.
    W. wait, well go back to the lion and stop jumping around.
    J. Ok I am a little into the cups but I think I will try to explain. As far as I know, reading the “bird” and Hawkins and Nash and Einstein and crap about string theory and game, and chaos there is obviously something that ties it all together but my mind is so simple so I just kept reading and trying to figure out more of it until I could put it into pieces that fell like tetrus. I mean fuck, if we have minds and all these different things come out of them that must mean that there is something that unifies the universe. This means, it is our own mind. Our mind is the unifier. It is actually what we think, hence the universe.
    W. but that doesn’t really explain the universe, or our dominance, or let’s say global warming.
    J. to me it explains everything. I don’t think I am intelligent enough to get it all out of me. But basically, if we can imagine it, it will happen. Can you really think of things that we have imagined that we haven’t accomplished. We are pretty optimistic and we are because we have never been shown why we shouldn’t be. Amidst chaos, we understand numbers, amidst random factors we understand that one in a million will work for us, cancer and mars and all that seems inevitable if for one slow brief moment in time we weigh all the factors and that is the fact that all our intelligent design can be extinguished in a heartbeat if we don’t “recognize”
    W. what do we need to recognize
    J. well for the first time we are realizing that we are all connected, which if fucking retarded to me (that it took us this long), but we are we are one part of the whole, if the universe blew up into a tiny little billion pieces from a whole, a marble that you roll amongst wooden floors into a billion stars, a billion solar systems a billion galaxies… what the fuck are we?
    W. did you get my email the other day about the sizes of all the planets and stars and all that?
    J. yes
    J work with me. I think we are a species unique in only one factor, (space time and environment.) Kim has for long been arguing this, she says that we are holding all the other species back but I am all like, yeah I agree, but fucking elephants bury their dead, and sharks well fuck they been around for awhile and killer whales talk and chase seals off of floating chunks of ice in synchronized movements that Mozart couldn’t repeat.
    These cats are catching up, we are slowing down into idiocracy.
    W. so what do you really think about us?
    J. we are fucked, basically we will figure most of it out. But here is how it goes, the bottom line is that we are of this universe, and as far as I know, matter explodes, expands, slowly gathers and pulls into centers, we pull into universes, then solar systems then stars and eventually into planets where we have lions chasing gazelle and gay men wanting to be married and nuclear weapons, all our problems arise out of our fear of death and trying to find ice on mars and all that crap, like we could find our way out of stars dying, our ego is amazing almost like we could kill suns, the human ethos is fear of death.
    We fear death there for we are.

    W. James I am now dumber talking to you tonight. Thanks.
    J. Your welcome.

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