Cartoon boxing blast… by Tawan

One thought on “Cartoon boxing blast… by Tawan

  1. I have recently bought myself a sketchbook. I mean the arts! you got to love them and the need to express yourself. For most of my life I felt like I had some pretty good outlets. When I was in the army I wrote a lot of letters and pasted the cut outs of Hungarian magazines upon the envelopes and sent them to all my friends and family. Later, in Belgium I wrote three books of poetry which my father graciously published and have been a part of numerous internet publications… taken pictures and filming this thing, this experience of life is pretty amazing. I don’t think I will ever catch it, I know I can’t as I lie in bed and pour over all the books and conduct all my little thought experiments. It is almost like we have all this stuff to give. I find the most pleasure in looking though the eyes of others, when jonas created a song, when chris took a picture, when wes commented on my blog it… it always brought me the most peace. It is the connectivity of humans, out family and friends that matter. In my new sketch book I think of drawing pictures about human beings and their conflict with nature… perhaps a picture of a mountain or a bear and some plastic army soldiers attacking it… nature and technology… just watched this video on you tube that is pretty fun, by Spike Jonze…

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