September 11 World Trade Center demolition compared with smokestack demolition.

I found this photo of a smokestack being demolished and couldn’t resist placing it next to the World Trade Center demolition for easy comparison. My new opinion is that a population who consumes the official story in light of such blatant evidence will continue to be taken advantage of. one could make a Darwinian argument that they almost deserve it.

3 thoughts on “Similarities?

  1. Sley….Those look nothing alike..I have really tried to further understand this idea of the towers being taken down bye forces other than the giant planes that flew into them..And I come up with nothing..

  2. I’m mainly looking at the hard debri being projected out past the blown up concrete. This occurs in both photos. The trade center is a whole nother scale of course.

  3. I hear ya… The debri projectiles do look alike! I just have spun my brain in circles thinking about the possibility of our gevernment doing such a thing.

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