upload folder permissions on WordPress installation on verio VPS

After I set up WordPress on my verio VPS hosting account I was able to upload images but was getting this error message in the end:

Verio VPS PHPmyadmin… how to set it up and get logged in.

On my verio VPS hosting account I had problems getting logged into PHPmyadmin... unlike other web hosts there was no mention of PHPmyadmin in the control panel. After a quick conversation with technical support they told me I needed to install it before I could use it. We did that by logging into shell  ( I use WinSCP for shell ssh ) and typing "install

steady offload wordpress red x’s

I just started using a service called "steady offload" which claims to speed up your websites by offloading pictures, CSS files, Java script files, to their servers. They have a WordPress plug-in that handles everything for you. Everything worked fine yesterday however when I try to post a new blog post today the photos in the new post are not showing up... as you can

Using Ajax for a product or service tour

While registering for an account at this website… http://www.behance.net/Sign_Up?sent=yes I went through the little tour they have and was impressed by how much content they fit in to a small blue “Take Tour” button. It’s nice that the whole tour is loaded without having to change pages. Everything seems responsive and “light”.

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