How to replace a static site with a wordpress site

We are replacing our old static website with a website based on WordPress… I have WordPress up and running in the root domain however the homepage index.html is coming up in place of what should be the WordPress homepage as well as all other pages and posts. I would delete the old static pages however several of them are already indexed in the search engines. The solution: With verio vps hosting I just renamed the index.html file to index.html.bak… all wordpress pages functioned fine. The next step is to figure out why the wordpress permalinks are not working with verio vps. Here is what the new wordpress site looks like:

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  1. The best solution I’ve found: is to move the blog back to a subfolder. With the verio control panel it’s quite easy… I created a “blog” subfolder and then copy all of the WordPress related files and folders into that folder. I then updated my domain URL in the WordPress settings to my instead of just

    I logged into the new location and everything worked fine. I will do the reverse when it’s time to go live.

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