Coloring with grandma.Answering support questions.

New vid

New vid posted to my videos page. Find the video link and click on it. My in-phone editor is happy again. . . More vids to come?

monitor your website for hacking

I have been looking for a service to monitor my website for hacking for a while... my previous searches did not turn up anything... today I finally tried again and found this service that will monitor five different websites/URLs for $60 per year.  It works by opening up each of your websites every minute and checking to see if certain things have changed.  I will

Day 3 w/fam

Mom and tNice sunset.At paradise beach.

The boys are going home

The boys left yesterday. They are probably landing right about now.Just before our last beach dinner. Super fresh squid just off the boats.At work on the lego gift from frank.

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