Killer FAQ page

I really like the way these guys did their FAQ page.. with a collapsible answers and efficient use of space.

A market for buying blog entries from bloggers

I'm trying to find out if there is a matchmaking website out there that specializes in making it easy and cheap to have your business recommended, reviewed, or mentioned on blogs or other websites. I just googled for "a market for buying blog entries from bloggers" and there was nothing there.  So now I just tried googling for "blog mention matchmaking service" which produced no

Solution to " The following pictures cannot be published because the blog does not support picture publishing." On Dreamhost WordPress blogs

If you're getting this message while you're trying to post to your WordPress blog that is hosted on Dreamhost with Windows live writer than you need to go into your WordPress miscellaneous settings and change your "store uploads in this folder" setting so that it looks like this: I found the solution on this guys website. Thanks man, I subscribed to your twitter.

Funny shot of James kid Fin

Resisting the urge to upgrade… must resist.

So far I'm very pleased with this Windows live writer... I was looking at the "plug-ins" website and this one looks somewhat interesting to cross post blog entries to other social media platforms such as twitter and FaceBook.  After attempting to install it and wanted me to upgrade to ".net 3.5"... now I see why Microsoft is giving away the software for free... because it

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