Free Solution: How to burn .iso images to cd with XP

Problem: You have an *.iso file on your windows xp computer and you need to burn it to a cd so you can use the cd like a normal software cd. Windows XP doesn’t let you do this so how do you do it?

Clipmate paste into photoshop Issue and solution..

Problem: You capture a screen shot into clipmate and try to paste it into Photoshop and instead of pasting what you wanted it pastes the last thing you copied from inside of photoshop. Solution: Restart clipmate! Worked for me. Clipmate is a windows productivity app that lets you browse and re-paste things you’ve copied to the clipboard in the past . Losers don’t use it.

daily psd

Surf Photo – Indo

Here are some inspiring photos taken from the Magic Seaweed site: Click to enlarge:

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