Express Invoice ( Free basic version ) a light and free invoicing alternative to QuickBooks .. Windows / Mac

Update Jan 2013 This is now my preferred method of invoicing.

Update August 15th: How to get the free basic version of Express Invoice working ( Easy after all! ) : Download the newest version of Express Invoice ( at this time it is 3.25 ) .. and install. When the trial period is over after 14 days it will ask that you buy the software or exit the software. To continue using Express Invoice follow these steps in Windows Vista ( sorry no mac or xp instructions but they are likely similar ) :

  1. In your control panel open “Add and Remove Programs”
  2. Double click on Express Invoice
  3. Select the “downgrade to free basic version” and click next.
  4. Click next one more time.
  5. Express Invoice should open up in Free Basic Mode… ( minus a few pro features ).

Express Invoice Free Basic Version

I have been using this light and free invoicing alternative to QuickBooks. All it does is keep track of paid and unpaid invoices. It supports e-mailing the invoices as attachments provided you have your own SMTP account …free from gmail.

It’s called Express Invoice from . Windows / Mac

The program is very light on system resources and opens up lightening fast.

I was having problems getting the e-mail feature to work because I didn’t have the port appended to my SMTP mail host.

Working Example:

Not working example:


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4 thoughts on “Express Invoice ( Free basic version ) a light and free invoicing alternative to QuickBooks .. Windows / Mac

  1. Great news! Can't wait to invoice on the go! Maybe this will help me get away from my total reliance on OneClickStatements. Their Quickbooks page here has been saving my life.

  2. Really appreciate this info because I kinda like Express Invoice and it would be a shame to get locked out from using it in about 12 days time.

    Btw (I haven't had a chance to read through its manual as yet) how does one go about removing that note at the bottom that states: "Please contact us about more information about payment options."? I don't want my customers contacting me about payment options because I always prefer cash! 🙂


  3. Note, I've ditched this invoicing tool… now I use Freshbooks combined with a time tracker called toggl… I just clock in and out and then invoices are sent out via email or snail mail automatically. I just work and money is deposited in the bank! Loving it.

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