Need a photo slider or slideshow that supports rounded corners and is ie friendly

Anyone know of one? As an alternative I might go the image overlay route here: I also want my slideshow to load super fast without having to load all the images that will go into the slideshow when the page loads. Instead I want it to download the first one … render the page and let the user get on with things… then have

Solution: WordPress image importer from external url images

Summary: you want to have WordPress automatically import external images that you have indebted in your blog posts so that those external sites don't get angry that you're stealing their bandwidth and also to prevent broken images in the future when that other site removed the image. This WordPress plug-in does exactly that... although because I had so many old posts the retroactive feature where

This guy does sick design work..

Many of his pics are available as desktop wallpaper. Click on them to visit his site:

How to auto ftp to your Amazon s3 Cloudfront Bucket using TNT Drive

August 6 2011 Update: I'm now using another amazon s3 / cloudfront sync app in place of this app because I'm still running xp sp2 and I have some weird windows permission problems that are now preventing TNTDrive from running. I'd prefer to use TNTDrive if I didn't have these xp permissions issues. Here is a quick video I made showing how I use Amazon

Solution: Get passive ftp working with filezilla server on windows server 2008 on rackspace

After installing filezilla on my windows 2008 server hosted with rackspace I had issues getting connected with passive ftp. Active ftp worked fine using WinSCP but my favorite little Fling ftp app didn't work. It would hang up on the "getting directory listing" point and compain about passive connections. Rackspace was no help on the phone and they had nothing in their kb.

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