Visual Watermark Review & Walkthrough

We were looking for an easy way to resize batches of photos and overlay a company logo onto photos and tried out a few different options… this solution “Visual Watermark” was the one that worked best for us. To find this post you might also have searched for “watermarking software review, professional watermarking solution, pro watermark software, watermarking that supports constrain proportions.” Here are the screenshots and walkthrough:

Need a tool to import full website pages, images, scripts? Here you go!

Today I needed a tool to import full website pages, images, scripts because I didn’t have the ftp info for the site I wanted to download/import. First I tried my old version of Frontpage that has an import tool but this failed to get more than the homepage, images, css, and scripts….. it missed the other .html pages for some reason. So I googled for “tool to import full website pages, images, scripts” which produced no results…. I tried again with “download full website tool” and I found this tool that worked brilliantly..

Segmenting IDXBroker domain and subdomain Google Analytics using Profiles and Filters

Setting up profile filters in your google analytics account helps you segment traffic but lets focus on how to set it up here. First click your “Analytics Settings”  link to get to the “overview” page… Example: Next you need to click the “Add new profile” link on the middle right hand side…. example:

How to switch IDX broker to your own Subdomain ( better seo )

The first step was to createa  new subdomain on my webhost… I used … then I had to go into create a CNAME for it per these instructions … .Then I waited a day or two and proceeded to the next step. I got logged into idx broker and went to the “Account Management” tab and the “Domain Control” sub-section. Here are the settings I put into the “Custom Domain” field… and then selected the “custom domain” radio button… then clicked “Change Domain Settings”…. 

Show your Google Analytics data stats publicly with these two tools ( limited data )

Ever wanted to be able so show off your current website stats on your website publicly? … I have so I googled for “Google analytics data publicly widget” … and after weeding through lots of crap I found two decent tools to show off your GA stats to the public with these embeddable widgets.

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