Facebook checkout would be a game changer

I still think FaceBook should get into the virtual wallet financial territory... everybody trusts them with everything already... why not trust them with your finances and make it super easy to buy stuff everywhere on the Internet. No filling out shipping information, no filling out credit card information, no filling out your name, no filling out the people you're traveling with, no filling out anything.

forms optimized for ipad checkout and reservations

I'm looking for a way to make our website much more mobile friendly...in particular the ipad and iphone.... I just googled for "forms optimized for ipad checkout and reservations" and nothing was helpful in the top ten.... so I googled for " ipad optimized form " .. which is a little more specific... http://www.addcolours.com/blog/coding/javascript-jquery-coding/jquery-touch-optimized-framework-for-iphone-ipad-android.html This seems to help make mobile sites using jquery mobile... not

facebook ad negative demographics

In Google ad words you can add "negative keywords" to you or campaigns... I've been experimenting with FaceBook advertising recently and wanted to show advertisements to everyone in the United States except certain people within a certain ZIP code... so I started googling for terms like : facebook ad prevent showing to certain demographics facebook ad prevent facebook ad targeting negative zip codes facebook ad

Create a list of my recent google searches

I'm looking for a way to get a list ( that is in a format that is flexible such as XML, CSV, Excel, etc. )... then I could easily create a blog post about what I found out as a result of my search... or maybe it's better just to do it as you go. I found this page in my google account profile that

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