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TerraTrek Map Job – PPH

Yes; Google and Microsoft are tracking which links you click on in your email

I was researching email deliverability issues the other day... I wanted to confirm my suspicion that,, Yahoo Email, etc were tracking which links I click on from my email. After inspecting the source code I concluded that they are. Google search results returned to helpful links after searching for "are email companies tracking which links I click on in my email?". I am assuming

Looking For Way to Play Audio Only on YouTube Desktop Version

With YouTube Red I can listen to the audio only of YouTube videos.... but I can't find this feature on the Desktop version. I hope they add it soon. 

Partial Solution… Easy way to automatically open up a URL on your mobile

Note: this only works for chrome users….I was looking for a easy way to automatically open up a URL on my mobile phone that I had open on my desktop… For example I’m looking at a website that I’m developing ( on the desktop ) and I want to see what it looks like on my mobile device and I would click on a button to make the tab open on my mobile device browser.

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