Voice-recognition compatible client-side wiki recommendations?

I am currently using some wiki software on my computer ( referred to as client-side ) to keep track of projects... the software is called "Confluence" and works fairly well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice-recognition. However for a couple of reasons I'm not totally satisfied and every now and then I do I do go search for "Voice-recognition compatible client-side wiki" related terms to see if

New Vocola voice-recognition command for searching my desktop with Google desktop search

I use Google desktop search to search my computer; up until now I didn't spend the time to work out how to easily search my desktop using a voice-recognition command.  Well now it is done and I thought I would share how I did it and what exactly it enables me to do. Let's say that I want to find all e-mails on my computer

How to open a file or program using Vocola and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Here is an example of what you would need to add to your global voice commands in order to open a program or execute a file using vocal and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. process the database = ShellExecute("C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.VAIO\Desktop\DESKTOP\ARCHIVE1\TT\ta.exe") ;

Social bookmarking Vocola commands

Here are some handy Vocola commands for working with social bookmarking sites. If I'm in my browser looking at a interesting webpage I can easily add it to my delicious social bookmarks by saying "add to delicious". If I would like to search delicious for Bali surf bungalows I would say "search delicious for Bali surf bungalows". You will need to substitute your delicious username

Vocola commands for Google

Here are some handy commands that I have set up for my browser to use different Google features. If I want to view the definition of the word I just say "Google define fascism" and the next thing you know I will be looking at Google's definition for fascism. If I want to search Google for hotels in Phuket I would just say "Google for

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