Vocola voice recognition commands for Skype

The Vocola commands allow me to initiate Skype calls from within my browser.  Skype has poor shortcut support so this is the best workaround I’ve found so far. When I say “call someone now” I can then utter a phone number such as 555-213-9610 and then say press enter.  A Skype window will pop up […]

Vocola commands for RoboForm

I use a little bit of software called RoboForm to help me keep track of all my Internet logins.  This software should be in any Internet users toolkit.  Here is an example of how I use my RoboForm : Logging into your bank account online without RoboForm: open your browser, type in the website address […]

Maxthon vocola commands

Here are my Vocola commands for Maxthon browser.  Almost everyone who tries this browser agrees that it is the best.  More plug-ins than any other browser including Firefox. #Maxthon commands auto refresh = {alt+t}{r}{enter} ; Find Text <_anything> = {Ctrl+f} $1 {Enter}; view source = {alt+v}o ; #show sidebar = {Ctrl+e} ; show sidebar = […]