If you don’t already know anything about Ron Paul please get on youtube.com and learn why he is gaining so much support. I have already donated over $250 to his campaign.

Quick facts about Ron Paul

  • Ron Paul was the only one to vote against the war.
  • Ron Paul has the most support from the armed forces.
  • Ron Paul has the all-time record for most campaign contributions in a single day.
  • learn more and donate at Ron Paul’s website.

learn more about Ron Paul:

Fox news and CNN don’t tell us Ron Paul got second position in Nevada and instead focus only on South Carolina. However they have paid special attention to Rudy Giuliani although he has yet to beat Ron Paul in any of the caucuses so far. Ron Paul also received more than $20 million in campaign contributions in the fourth quarter. This is money from middle-class Americans and not corporate interests looking for a handout once he gets elected.

Ron Paul supporters are planning another donation today on Martin Luther King Day. In November he raised $4 million in one day, on the anniversary of the Boston tea party he raised over $6 million in one day, and we will know tomorrow how much he raises today. The average campaign contribution is only around $30.