Looking for a Password Manager With Good Search and Laucher

12/27/2019: Say that your have a secure password manager that works well on your mobile and desktop… what is the next most important feature? For me it is the ease of getting logged into the logins it contains…. I have over 1300 logins that I’ve built up over the years so having a solid search tool is a must. 12/27/2019: I’m looking for a password manager that has a fast and efficient way to search and launch website logins and encrypted files. Before Roboform 8 came out I was super happy using Roboform in tandem with Find And Run Robot ( Launcher on Windows ). You see Roboform used to encrypt all passcards and safenotes as individual files that the master password would open. It was for this reason that external search tools were able to view the names of the passcards and safenotes and launch them ( One still needed to enter the master password to open the item ) . Roboform version 8 now keeps all the safenotes and passcard login files in an encrypted database so the passcards and safenotes are only searchable from within roboform. Roboform search sucks because if you don’t remember nearly entire exact name of a passcard it won’t show up in your search.

Solution: How to get Pen and Shape tools in Photoshop to remember Fill and Stroke colors

Question: How to get the Pen & Shape tools in Photoshop to remember Fill and Stroke colors Answer: Select a layer that is NOT a shape layer > Select the Pen or Shape tool > Update the Fill and Stroke colors. The colors you set will become the default. how to get pen shape tool in photoshop to remember colors  

How to add/Pin Chrome Gmail or Inbox to Windows Taskbar

I had Google Inbox pinned to my Windows 8.1 taskbar... today I had to remove it because Inbox wasn't showing properly... I had a nightmare getting Inbox pinned to my taskbar again. I finally figured it out and here is what it looks like now: I was searching for: pin chrome tab to taskbar, add to taskbar missing, chrome save shortcut to desktop... all of these sites had

Can email be Migrated/Moved from Gmail to Outlook 365/Exchange?

Short answer is yes; IF you have the full Outlook app installed ( mac or pc version ) .  If you are using the OWA ( Outlook Web App ) only; it will not let you import the Gmail.

Highlights of Using Jekyll CMS with Forestry, Github, & SFTP to Business Domain

12/8/2018: I finally used vehicle for a client website www.classicalfas.com ... the process has been fun but also a bit of a pain. I think a static site would have been cheaper to put together because there are less layers and less moving parts. We're using forestry.io to add pages, add posts, update all sorts of random things, etc. So we will be able to invite

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