12/27/2019: Say that your have a secure password manager that works well on your mobile and desktop… what is the next most important feature? For me it is the ease of getting logged into the logins it contains…. I have over 1300 logins that I’ve built up over the years so having a solid search tool is a must.

12/27/2019: I’m looking for a password manager that has a fast and efficient way to search and launch website logins and encrypted files. Before Roboform 8 came out I was super happy using Roboform in tandem with Find And Run Robot ( Launcher on Windows ). You see Roboform used to encrypt all passcards and safenotes as individual files that the master password would open. It was for this reason that external search tools were able to view the names of the passcards and safenotes and launch them ( One still needed to enter the master password to open the item ) . Roboform version 8 now keeps all the safenotes and passcard login files in an encrypted database so the passcards and safenotes are only searchable from within roboform. Roboform search sucks because if you don’t remember nearly entire exact name of a passcard it won’t show up in your search.

Note that this isn’t an issue if one doesn’t have too many logins ( say under 100 ) … but if you have over 100 different google related logins ( for web design clients ) and you search for “google” it doesn’t help much.

Example on how RoboForm search sucks: Say you have a web design client named Jerry… and you start to save all associated passcards using the following naming convention: Client Jerry Website…. so then you create your passcards like Client Jerry Godaddy, and client jerry cpanel, and client jerry stripe. If you use roboform to search for “jerry” then all of the logins with jerry would display ( all good here ) . Now lets say you search for cpanel jerry…. no results. Even though you have two of the exact words in the passcard name roboform cannot fine it. You also cannot search using parts of the words like jer cpa.

I just downloaded dashlane… it suffers from the same problem…. same weak search tool and no individual files that an external search tool can index.

Sticky Password also has the same search problems… see screenshot below: