This I was looking for an alternative domain name registrar to go daddy… I already have heaps of domain names with go daddy so I wanted to start reserving some domain names elsewhere so all of my domain eggs are not in one basket. 

After a little bit of research I bumped into They offer “.com” domain names for a $7 apiece and even include a basic breakfast hosting package with 25 MB of space in 1000 GB of monthly bandwidth.  No databases are included.

After purchasing you are given immediate control panel access.  The checkout process is just one or two pages compared with six or seven pages over at go daddy.  Domain name privacy is also included and enabled by default.  If you want to reserve additional domain names you can do it under the same account however you will not be able to take advantage of the free hosting.  So if you want to have multiple domain names with multiple free hosting accounts you would need to set up each account separately.

I will update this post if they turn out to be crap!

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