Now that I have my affiliate links to DreamHost automatically hyperlinked everywhere I am feeling like maybe I should get more serious about other ways to make some cash off my blog… passive income is the name of the game. Don’t let me get away with cliché sayings like that… this income is not passive if I’m working on it actively right?

So I just googled for “best Google adsense WordPress plug-in for performance” hoping to find a flexible WordPress AdSense plug-in that might do more than just show the ads… how was hoping it might do some split testing or automatic optimization of itself… try new colors, try new positions, that kind of thing. Well I haven’t found anything quite that sophisticated yet so I decided to try out this one first… it’s called “Komoona AdSense Companion”…. after installing that one I discovered that one must go through the additional effort of generating your adsense code first. I was hoping to find a plug-in that handle that for you and would allow you to change the format on-the-fly. Yes I am demanding! So I googled for “WordPress adsense plug-in that automatically selects the best size” hoping to find some new plug-ins… I eventually found a WordPress adsense plug-in that only requires you to enter your adsense ID, choose a size by checking some boxes, decide on the number of advertisements to show per page and per post, decide on advertisement positioning, and some other options visible below in this screenshot:

WordPress plug-in to automatically show adsense ads and optimize them
best Google adsense WordPress plug-in for performance