Another average day in Bali not to forget.

Worked until about 8 a.m. in the morning, listened to the news for another hour while eating breakfast, went to sleep, woke up around 2:30 p.m. and decided to go back to sleep until around 6 p.m., got up and had breakfast again, organized the family and went skateboarding at the skate park, re-claimed at least three of my old tricks (rock ‘n roll, front side Smith grind, Ollie to tail over the spine, axle stall over the spine), forgot my knee brace at the skatepark, drove back and got it, had a hamburger, and now I am sitting down to work with a nice cup of coffee mixed with my chocolate flavored weight gain powder.
I listened to the Scott Horton radio show today for the first time; you can visit his website and listen to his podcasts by visiting this link:

Here is a show that I listened to today:

Antiwar Radio: Don Craven Jr., Ray Mcgovern

Don Craven, director of the new film World War IV: A Letter to the President, and Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst featured in the movie, discuss the film and some of the themes within it: The neocons and the Israel Lobby, the lies regarding the “weapons of mass destruction” that led to war, the role of Christian Zionists in the War Party, Michael Ledeen’s admission of war crimes and possible consequences of war with Iran.

In this podcast they discuss this movie which I have yet to watch: