My database was performing slowly on my shared web host… so I moved it to
applied innovations which has a very good reputation and I have had good
experience with.  I use their $99 per year account that supports MS SQL and applications.  The whole system is running much faster now
that I have it moved over.  Now I had to set up any backup to back up this
database instead of the one on my other slower web host.  This is a
follow-up to this article:

download/backup an MSSQL database automatically on schedule please see this post

Here are the screenshots:









I received this error because I had a trailing space on the end of my server
address.  I went back one screen and removed the space that was after the
".net".  This resolved that error.



I selected my database name which automatically appeared in the drop-down
menu.  I did not touch the other settings.

I UNCHECKED the perform translation for this character data box… the
default setting was checked.



everything going good so far!


that completes the setup of the DSN.  Now select it and click okay.


This was the default setting.

The rest of the set up was a piece of cake.

I selected the above option and then pointed it to a folder where I wanted it
to backup on my computer.

I did not compressed, encrypt, or add a password.

This is where I set up a schedule to back it up weekly.

This is where I gave it a name.  Then I clicked finish.

as you can see from the screenshot appears to be working.  Hopefully
there will not come a time when they need to see how well the database
restoration works.  It did work using the my SQL database although I have
not tried it using the MS SQL database.  Of course I will report back when
I do.