Just a few thoughts on a Monday morning at 4am..

Watching the U.S. China Mens Olympic basketball game now… the game was close into the second quarter with China hitting big three pointers. Then the U.S. started to slice and dice to the basket and rack up the points at one point going on a 18 to 5 run that was highlighted by an ally oop from Wade to James.

U.S. president George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush were in attendance and seemed enthusiasic about the ally oop. The feeling of seeing the ally oop excitement on Geogre’s body language and feeling the same excitement myself made me feel “at one” with the president. Like we could have been sitting on the same sofa enjoying cold beers and chips and salsa with a few bets on the game. If he was here I might make a smart ass comment having to do with pardoning him for crimes against humanity.

On facebook

I setup a facebook account to see if I was missing anything. I haven’t connected myself to all my former classmates or setup ‘My wall’ yet. I guess I should do those things before I give it my official opinion. I met a guy from Vancouver Canada this year while relaxing in Tonsai Beach Krabi who embraced and spoke highly of facebook. He was a funny guy and an I.T. professional so I valued his opinion.

Presidential Race

Assuming for a moment that some of you actually care or believe that things need improving and we acually have the ability to affect change…. What are the issues this election? Is now a good time to talk about the issues? What are the biggest problems? Should our presidents be able to talk about them with expertise or should we feel comfortable that they will be hiring someone to handle that for them. If that is the case I think we should be listening to those guys who are going to be hired talk about those issues so we can determine who has the better approach. Or maybe we should just talk about the John Edwards sex scandal. Or we can speculate if the Clintons and the Obama camp can come together. What things need fixing in this country? What are the most important things? Where do the last two candidtates stand on those issues? Here is a website that helps you chose a candidate by collecting your opinions on various issues. http://www.wqad.com/Global/link.asp?L=259460 I guess some might be suprised that the person they thought they liked was not really the logical choice for them. So if one really understands the issues it would be a helpful tool. But there are certain interests that are one step ahead of us and attempt to form our opinion for us by hiring psycologists and pr companies and super intelligent people with all sorts of time on their hands to think up arguments and counter arguments that we will consume via web, tv, print. This is what we are up against.

Surf conditions

It is 549am…. nearly surf time. We have swell and there is little wind. Tide is going out so it should be good. Nice to have that treat to look forward to. Might have to go for a massage after that.

Running out of blog steam…. time for a wave.