Noam Chomsky gave his first speech since Obama was elected. I watched it on the democracy website and found that I agreed with most of his comments.

I will paraphrase his comments here: Obama is a candidate in which many special interests have invested and will be expecting many favors once he is in office. The public-relations firms that were hired successfully focused on the personalities and not on the issues. Obama’s public relations firm won this year’s marketing prize narrowly beating out Apple. He bring up Walter Lippman’s opinions on how the populations are ignorant spectators that are not capable of their own critical thinking whose opinions are formed not by themselves but suggested through media propaganda.

Obama organized an army to get him elected. Now the Army is waiting for instructions. He likened this to a dictatorship. I did not quite understand this analogy. He asked what we could anticipate if this army becomes active instead of just bystanders. Public relations firms want uninformed votes to buy the campaign. This propaganda will undermine the democracy and election the same way it has undermined the markets.

Obama now has no debts to the Army who elected him. He is only in debt to Wall Street and special-interest financiers. He spoke of rhetoric versus actions… so far as actions have been to appoint Biden who was a war supporter and big backer of the anti-bankruptcy laws that were passed it up years ago which were a blow against the poor.

He also appointed Raul Emanuel who was also a strong supporter of the war and longtime Washington insider. He was also a recipient of funding from hedge funds. His previous job was an investment banker. Robert Rubin and Larry Summers were selected by Obama to handle the economic problem. These two individuals were recycled from the Clinton administration and were responsible for something that led to the economic meltdown. Chomsky then quotes another guy saying that selecting these two to handle the economic problem and is like selecting Osama bin Laden to head up the anti-terrorism unit. He then noted that Bloomberg said those gathering on November 7 to give advice on the economy should be receiving subpoenas. All were involved in fraud.

The statements that you hear about Afghanistan and Pakistan and Russia are quite hawkish.

That was the interview in a nutshell. Typical Chomsky. Fox news has been echoing these ideas lately which is interesting.