This post chronicles my search for a wordpress booking plugin that lets me sell tours and hotel rooms from a wordpress site….

I need the plugin to sell multiple different tours and multiple different hotels with multiple room styles.

I’d like it to calculate the price of the tour or room ( supporting seasonally priced rooms and tours ) and allow one to capture the credit card data and possibly charge the credit card instantly.

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Here are some of the solutions I found so far:

CheckFront ( offsite service with WordPress plugin )

image – This one starts at $19 a month and supports paypal/ payments. The $29 a month plan supports other payment modules.

WebReserv Sidebar Booking Calendar ( offsite service with wordpress integration – still looking at this one.

TourCMS ( offsite service with manual wordpress integration )
-Free for up to 25 transactions per month
-Only works with Tours…. not with hotels or rooms.

Example tour:
The sell tours… but they don’t have the live booking for hotel.

Online Booking Calendar ( WordPress Plugin ) – This one appears to be having problems. It might be of use to some but it appears very rough on the edges. The big problem I spotted right away was that all of the demos requested a "Arrival Time" and "Departure Time" and also did not seem to support any pricing options.


No conclusion yet… more research to do.