As of May 30, 2007 most weblogs do not offer an easy way to upload and display multiple images into a blog post.  Browsing for photos one by one is the name of the game.  Well “homey don’t play that” is what I have to say.  There is no way I’m going to upload 50 different pictures from my weekend trip to the volcano one by one.  I spent about an hour; no that’s a lie.  I have spent several hours already hunting around for some plug-in for service that will solve my problem.  I found some plug-ins and services that came close to what I wanted but always came up short in the end.  So I decided to paste it as a project on the photo Gallery 2 website forum hoping that I can hire someone to customize that online photo gallery software.  Here is the link to the project:
$ copy album HTML plug-in | Gallery