Social networking stuff:

I think the Internet search results are soon going to be infused and improved by the social networking phenomena.  It won’t be long before every search result in the top 10 of Google will have little “vote up” and “vote down” links underneath.  Plus the option to add comments for each search a result.  I think the end result will be search results containing more of what people really like and less of what computers think we really like.


Election Stuff:

State campaign donors like Obama, Paul
Seattle Times, United States – 10 hours ago
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Ron Paul had the most donors in the last three months of last year in
Military Donors Back Ron Paul & Obama ABC News
Givers here like Paul, Obama Seattle Post Intelligencer
Ron Paul Very Likely to Win Washington State

Ron Paul attracts most campaign contributions from US tech employees
MacDailyNews – 8 hours ago

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