I found this article over at http://www.libertylive.org/blog_main/index.php .  My math skills are also terrible.  How are yours?

The following open letter was signed by 60 members of UW’s math, science and engineering faculty and sent to state legislators on February 26:
“We the undersigned faculty in math, science and engineering at the University of Washington have become increasingly concerned about the declining level of math competency of students entering the university.  Many students arrive with poor mastery of essential mathematical skills, such as algebra, manipulation of fractions, trigonometry, and basic mathematical operations.   Increasing numbers of students are forced to take math remediation courses after admission to the UW.  Over the past decade many of us have lowered the mathematical levels of our courses as math skills have declined.    We believe that it is essential that steps be taken to ensure that Washington State students are provided with world-class mathematics standards, curricula, and instruction.”
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