Did you receive e-mail from your family or friends discussing a racial role reversal on our two presidential candidates?  I received the same e-mail twice and responded with this:

So the real question is how does a guy like McCain get to where he is now?

Does talking about racism breed more racism?

I learned about racism and how to be racist by watching civil rights movies and books that told the story of how bad angle Americans have treated black people.

Is it not hypocrisy to “discriminate” against people who “discriminate”?

I don’t think we are having big problems with racism right now… and when we discuss “racism” we are spending time on an issue that is less important than others…

Issues like:

How the United States supporting Israel with money and weapons and media propaganda is one of the major causes for anti-Americanism and terrorism.

Who needs to go to jail for falsifying evidence to support the case for war in Iraq.  Causing a minimum of 500,000 deaths and costing us billions per month.

Why are we moving the war to Afghanistan?  Where there is literally nothing to win… and only the possibility of creating more anti-Americanism.

Who needs to go to jail for stealing trillions of dollars from our 401(k)s.

War profiteering

Both of the candidates needing to use teleprompters for their speeches.

30 million low skilled workers flooding in while highly skilled workers are denied visas.

Problems with globalization

Problems with five corporations owning most mainstream news outlets and controlling what issues we decide to talk about around the water cooler.

The list goes on folks.

==================== accountability ====================

We need accountability and justice for what has already gone wrong… don’t buy into the past is behind us line of thinking… for it will only breed more corruption.

Anyone who is not focusing on those issues is in the pocket of someone who is directly benefiting off the problems a forementioned.

==================== Obama ====================

Obama looks great when compared to McCain and Bush… but this is not a difficult task.

Bush has taken us two steps backwards and Obama will take us one step back forwards… but we need to go more than one step back forwards.

Please notice that Obama is not addressing the above issues directly and let’s not be so naïve as to think that the same media, government, and financiers that have allowed everything to go so wrong thus far are going to let someone get to the pinnacle of world power and not serve them in exchange.

Let’s stop talking about side issues blown out of proportion and talking about accountability for what has gone wrong.