In response to this post by Captain Rodriguez

If we adjust our foreign policy so that we weren’t intervening covertly in the matters of sovereign countries we would drastically reduce the risks to Americans.  Behaving morally and peacefully and honestly takes all the wind out of extremism arguments.

We should be taking action to improve our foreign policy before debating the finer points of much less important arguments.

If we cannot take care of our outrageous behavior from within our country then surely some other supernational form of government will eventually take care of this for us.  This would result in much less autonomy over our own destiny.  Once we have shown that we are irresponsible and incapable of managing our own affairs why would we be given a second chance?

Clearly we are no longer worthy to be the financial center of the world… no longer trustworthy to be the sole superpower of the world… no longer an example of an industrial center of the world…

Interesting times await us.