August 6 2011 Update: I’m now using another amazon s3 / cloudfront sync app in place of this app because I’m still running xp sp2 and I have some weird windows permission problems that are now preventing TNTDrive from running. I’d prefer to use TNTDrive if I didn’t have these xp permissions issues.

Here is a quick video I made showing how I use Amazon cloud front. The problem with cloud front is that you have to manually upload your files or use some other more sophisticated synchronization stuff that I don’t know how to do… so I found this workaround that allows me to automatically FTP upload my files directly to my Amazon bucket. If you’re not using cloud front then this will be a waste of time for you.

Right now I’m just using cloud front to host my CSS files that I’m referencing from multiple sites for styling our banners. However I have plans to shift all of the images that the banners are using over there as well.

I also tried to install another product called “Cloud Drive” however I ran into problems during the installation process and am waiting to hear back from their support team. This product appears to do the same thing as TNT Drive but it’s free for personal use or $100 for commercial use. They also claim to work with several different cloud providers. Here is their site:

This might be helpful if your googling for things like: How to ftp to your amazon s3 bucket, ftp to your cloudfront account, Cloud Drive