I was able to get handybackup to successfully backup my MS SQL database on my
Windows web host. Below are the screenshots and some of the issues I ran into. This article is a continuation of my other article on how to backup my SQL databases from your web host automatically on schedule.

==================== wrong database driver ====================

I had several failed attempts at creating a connection to the database when
using the MySQL ODBC 3.51 driver. One of the support technicians did not
understand the question I was asking him about which driver to use. Finally when
my support ticket was escalated I was given the correct answer. “SQL Server” is
the correct driver to choose when downloading in MS SQL database using
handybackup. This is different if you are backing up a database that is on your
local machine.

==================== restoring ====================

The database I was backing up is a critical database to my business so I have
not attempted to restore my backup yet. I was able to restore my SQL databases
using handybackup on my other web host. I should probably try to restore it so
that I know I am covered… I will need to wait for the right time to do it and
also check with my web host support on my options if things go wrong.

==================== result ====================

My MS SQL database is automatically backed up every week to my local hard drive.
Happy happy joy joy.