We took the ferry from Sanur.  It was 140,000 rupiah for a round-trip ticket.  The boat leaves from the beach just east of Dunkin’ Donuts and KFC.  When you’re heading on the main highway going north through Sanur take the right when you see Dunkin’ Donuts.  This intersection is the next intersection after McDonald’s. The beach is just 200 m down the road.  You can buy your ferry tickets here.  There are two ferries leaving from here; the public ferry and the tourist ferry.  The public ferry is only 50,000 rupiah one-way but this boat is usually overcrowded with locals who smell bad and are throwing up nonstop because of seasickness.  The tourist ferry is referred to as “Perama”.  This ferry is not overcrowded, has more comfortable chairs, and has far less people throwing up over the side.  There was only one lady who ended up getting sick out of 25 or so people.  And on the way back nobody got sick.

It takes about one hour to get to Nusa Lembongan from Sanur.  The ferry ride is not rough because the ferry has outrigger pontoons to keep the boat steady.  If the weather is clear you will be able to see both volcanoes.  On super clear days Lombok is visible to the east.  As the ferry travels northeast along the shoreline the black sand beaches of Keremas are also visible.  I guess there are a couple good surfing spots around Keremas but I have yet to check them out.  One of the few waves in Bali that goes right.

Once you arrive Nusa Lembongan the ferry will have to negotiate its way through the reef and seaweed farms before dropping you off on the beach.  Upon arrival there will be touts offering you accommodation and to carry your bags.  I usually ignore everybody and make sure they aren’t following me while checking out the bungalows and guest houses that line the beach.