Quick Answer for WordPress users: Install MobilePress.

I’m looking for ways to make my existing websites more mobile phone friendly however in the past when I looked into it it was not clear how to avoid Google’s duplicate content penalty. Some solutions involved making a separate domain or subdomain for your mobile content. When I searched for “how to make your website mobile friendly without duplicate content penalty” most of the top results were websites that were not mobile phone friendly on my Nokia phone. Obviously those guys were doing something wrong… why would you go through the effort of making your content mobile phone accessible if people cannot find it when they’re searching for it?

After a few different searches I did find one search result that was in fact mobile friendly… the question then became was this particular webpage ranking well in Google mobile results as well as desktop results.

When I got home I searched on my desktop computer and sure enough the desktop version of the same page was ranking well.

I wanted to make sure that it was the exact same page… I did another search on my mobile phone and confirmed that it was the exact same URL. Just google for “5 Keys to interlinking success” on your desktop and your mobile phone to see the difference. The mobile phone version is a stripped down version without any advertisements or images… however there is a link on the bottom of each of the mobile pages to “view the full version”. This guy is using a WordPress blog with a plug-in called “MobilePress” so I’m now wondering if installing this plug-in is all it takes or if there is other tricks that this website is up to.

Here is my account of how I installed MobilePress on my wordpress blog.

The guys website: http://ask.enquiro.com/2010/5-keys-to-interlinking-success/

June 22nd update: After upgrading to wordpress 3.0 everything still works. Woo hoo!


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