Get to the Point: simple addition to wordpress, simple import of comments, live and working like I wanted in 10 minutes, pages are slower to load now. If I notice the speed more I might revert to normal comments.

Installing IntenseDebate comment system on my WordPress blog…. what will happen?

Will it be painless? Will it import my old comments? Will I be locked into intense debate?


Here is how it went:

Went to my plugins page and clicked “add new” searched for intense debate… clicked install….. then once installed I went to the wordpress settings to tweak the intensedebate settings…. the first thing was to insert my username and pass.. .no problems yet… next it wanted to import my comments ( cool I guess this means everything will be like before only better! ? ) … then it sat on this screen for a long time… over 10 minutes so far…


Why were the first 100 comments so fast and the others so slow? hmmm… waiting it out…enjoy the view of this random hot surf chick for the moment …


OK! …. nothing was happening so I opened another tab in my browser and went to the intense debate settings again and it gave me this success message: 

Success! IntenseDebate is now fully activated on your blog. » View blog


Here it all is in action:


I wonder which is faster to load: Disqus or Intense Debate? Googling for it now..