Instead of keeping things private from the Internet and not developing your online personality try doing the opposite and embrace this new information universe, the Internet is a collection of ideas thoughts and minds interacting in a new and strange place.  It is like one big conversation where people communicate directly with one another with voice across all distances on earth just like the telephone.  And it is the long-awaited video phone.  It is like a television that you can turn on at any time and watch whatever you want, learn about whatever you want, and go wherever you want.  Try totally embracing the Internet, develop relationships with personalities out there.  Meeting him in person someday is not important.  On the Internet you can have a conversation with people and get paid money for it.  You just talk about the right stuff.  It’s like a big popularity contest.  If you fill the gymnasium with 20,000 people and everyone started to have their conversations.  Are you going to consider it an invasion of your privacy if you sit and talk to just one person in a gymnasium.  Or put a black bag over your head and not talk to anyone?  What is going to be more rewarding for your feelings?  Meeting new and interesting people and personalities inside of that gymnasium.  Will you try to develop a business relationship with some of these individuals?  Are you going to probe their history and see what funny things you have in common.  Are you going to offer up a sense of humor and a sense of personality or are you going to remain dry hidden and poker faced?

Of course being outgoing is going to offer you much more.  Go out there and talk to people, find the areas on the Internet that are really interesting, start up a couple projects that you are really passionate about, try to evaluate your life and become fascinated with the possibilities available.  Find a way to discuss your problems, come up with interesting solutions for those problems, make friends and use them as a support group to help you and help them evaluate ideas and solutions to problems.

Talk about technologies and ways of doing things that can make the Internet experience in that grand gymnasium more fascinating and more rewarding.  Make a commitment today, try to develop one single meaningful relationship on the Internet.  What is meaningful?  Several of the people that I know online I have done business with.  They gave me money for my services group or vice versa.  I e-mailed this relative these pictures, and they sent me word of what they were up to.  I had a problem with my computer and found the solution in an online message board and I clicked on a few advertisements from that website.  I turn my friends onto interesting music websites and they have turned me on to new and interesting software.  All of my money comes from renting out virtual real estate on the Internet and I am frequently maintaining an online real estate.  Financing to develop new real estate on the Internet is less available than financing to develop real estate in the real world.