Problem: Files in Dropbox folder ( in my case all files and filetypes )  that were previously indexed via Everything search suddenly were not showing up in the Everthing search results. I found two different solutions that worked on this post:


============ delete your everything.db file option =-===============

I opened everything and searched for “everything.db” without the quotes and deleted the db file ( it gets rebuilt again automatically ) …. this worked for me. Then someone on the same post said that after a restart you’d need to repeat this fix. So I tried another solution I found on the same post:

========== Add Dropbox Folder Path to “include folder”  list ============

This method worked for me also ( though I’ve yet to restart to see if the fix keeps )…

In Everything: Tools, Options, Exclude, Add Folder,

[choose Include type], [pick your Dropbox folder]…

My folder path was:

D:\My Documents\My Dropbox



======= Letter I wrote to Everything Creator =========

I just emailed the Everything search software creators saying:

“David, thanks for your awesome software… for some reason after my recent hard drive update all the files in my Dropbox folder are not indexed by Everything. Other sibling folders are properly indexed.

The volume is being indexed and the dropbox folder is NOT on the exclude list.

Any ideas where I should check to get things working again? Many thanks. “

========== end =========

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