In an effort to capture more leads from Chris’s real estate agent website we have set up a “live chat system” that allows visitors to the website to start a chat session with Chris if he is available. The idea is to have Chris log in to his website live chat system any time he is in the office. If a visitor arrives on Chris’s website when Chris is online they will see a button that says something to the effect of “hello, my name is Chris; click here to start a live chat session with me to answer your real estate related questions”.

If a visitor arrives Chris’s website when he is not online than a button to initiate the live chat session is not visible.

When a visitor clicks on the live chat session button Chris’s computer makes a sound alerting him that there is a visitor who would like to ask some questions. Chris then clicks on the “activate chat” button and can begin sending messages back and forth between the visitor in real time.

Here are some other features of the system:

Chris is also alerted whenever a visitor arrives his website. He can watch the visitor browse from page to page in real time.

When Chris and the website visitor have finished their chat the visitor has the option to have the chat transcript e-mailed to himself.

Chris can send the website visitors an invitation to chat; this would be particularly useful when he sees a visitor is spending an unusually large amount of time on his website and viewing many properties. He could then send a custom invitation to the visitor saying something to the effect of “hello, this is Chris… I am available right now to answer any questions you might have or offer my advice. Just click here to start up a live chat session with me”

I already had the main live help system operating on my web host so adding it to Chris’s website was as easy as creating a new department, adding a new operator, configuring some different options, and making a custom live chat request button. The whole process took about two hours and I plan on another hour or so of training.

I will report back later with how the live chat system has it affected our conversions. You can see the live chat system in action by visiting versus website here:

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