I was searching for things like:

super light drawing software for windows

super basic drawing software for windows

super basic paint app that works with wacom tablets

best performing paint apps for bamboo wacom tablets

bamboo tablet works slow with windows paint…. what works better?

lightweight drawing program for windows

And found nothing that intriqued me…. how “light” am I talking? I’m not sure exaclty… Something that opens as fast or faster than Microsoft Paint. What is the problem with Microsoft paint? Just the way it draws pixelated lines I suppose. Wait… I found something.. something called Smoothdraw…  just installed it… guess what… it isn’t quick enough to work well with hand writing…  so now I’m thinking what about old versions of photoshop? So I searched: old versions of photoshop for free…. found out you can get ( due to a tech glitch at adobe ) Adobe CS2 for free…. but I need something older than cs2… just for the basic drawing features…. I just want to be able to jot notes and little doodles without any perceptible delay. Guess what… 20 minutes down this road and I’m going back to microsoft paint. 🙁