This Extreme Freerunning is entertaining… I’ve been seeing more of it around. I can imagine these guys getting jobs as stuntmen.

This guy John Pilger seems to drop some science in this video

Had a good surf today… no wind; only guy out; one super sucky face going right made my day. Planning on another session tomorrow a.m.

Was flipping back and forth between fox, bbc, and aljazeera today; aljazeera has been hardening it’s coverage of the states in a variety of ways. One of the graphics brought up to introduce Condoleezza’s latest trip to Israel/Palestine showed the Israeli flag set behind Condoleezza Rices head suggesting where her priorities might be. Here is their youtube channel . It is very interesting how the same events are covered in such a different light.

On fox news “Operation Destroy Obama” continues with their refusal to engage in real issues and instead focus on his “Spiritual Mentor” revern Wright who says that Aids was developed as a weapon. They point out that if Obama was going to his sermons for 20 years then he either shares the same views or was too stupid to ever notice them. It is no secret that Fox news executives have contributed more to Hillary and Ruppert himself had met in private with Hillary over the past year. This could be b.s. haven’t checked into it myself nor would it prove much. Fox does devote all sorts of time to making Hillary appear like she’s losing support. Seems like they are building Obama up and then they will pull the rug out. Did that happen with McCain in 2004.

Meanwhile Hillary is using “obliterate” language when asked about what she would do to Iran in the event of Iran Nuking Israel. Maybe that is what it takes to be prez; you gotta defend Israel with our nukes if necessary. And to get elected you gotta say that in public.