Here is some pretty interesting data on Microsoft’s Zune versus Last FM on
google insights.

the blue line is Zune and the orange and red lines represent last FM. 
It is telling us how many times people are searching for things related to Zune
and last FM over time.  So it looks like we have a slowly but surely and
accelerating growth rate for last FM related searches and immediate explosive
growth for Zune that drops back down only to spike again and level off for most
of 2008.

This graph shows us which countries are doing the searches. 
Interestingly Iraq is number one … the surge is working!


this graph shows the regional interest for last FM.  United States is
not in the top 10.

These two charts show the key phrases people are looking for.

This chart shows a steady growth of people in Iraq searching for porn.

This chart also shows a steady growth of searches related to porn in


Zune is very popular in North America and Iraq.  Not much going for it
in Europe, Australia, or Asia.

Last FM is popular in Europe and pretty much nonexistent in the United