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Installing the MobilePress WordPress plug-in went perfectly via the Word press control panel… I made no configuration changes to the plug-in and then opened up my telephone to view my new mobile version and was surprised that a mobile version did not automatically come up when I visited my website home page. Immediate questions that pop into my mind are:  if I check the “force mobile site” box on the configuration panel will that make the mobile version automatically come up on my telephone? And if so what happens if I visit my website on a desktop computer?

Good : After checking the “force mobile site” box the mobile version is the default version on my mobile phone when I go to my blog’s home page.

Bad: with the “force mobile site” option set to yes the mobile phone version shows up on my desktop computer. 🙁

Solution to both problems: I disabled my WordPress plug-in “wp-cache” and then opened up my other browser and went to my homepage to discover that the full version was opening correctly.

Questions: Assuming that you have your website set up to have the mobile phones see the mobile phone friendly pages and the desktop computers viewing the full versions… does this mean when somebody is using their mobile phones searching Google mobile they will get the mobile version correctly? Hoping so.

Answer: The mobile version of my site does indeed open on my mobile phone ( nokia n95 ) when I search for my site and click on it. And the desktop version opens up correctly with my PC.

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