Here are a few screenshots of my last.FM page… I have only listened to 3048
song so far.  I guess the average song is around four minutes so I guess
that means I listened to around 12,000 minutes of music.  120 minutes is two
hours, 1200 minutes is 20 hoursso 12,000 minutes should be around 200 hours of
listening time.  Some people leave their music playing when they’re not
home or sleeping or out mountain bike riding but I don’t.  I turn it off to
conserve bandwidth.

The artists and songs that I have in my repertoire have increased immensely
over the past six months.


I remember about the time when the fat boys and the beastie boys came out
with their first albums and how the heavy metal genre was not attractive to me.
I think it had something to do with all of the skeletons and long hair. 
Especially the iron maiden posters.


this is the last FM client software that installs on your computer.  I
enjoy reading the artist biographies.  I can’t believe how many artists I
thought were American who are actually British.why do they sing with American
accents if there are British?



shown above is a list of the artists I have listened to most frequently over
the past three amounts.  Interestingly I do not know which songs are played by
which artist… I just turn on last FM and enjoy what comes on.