Windows 8.1 supports multi touch gestures….but as of oct 13th 2014 they don’t work if your running Windows /8.1 on a Macbook Pro( Bootcamp 5.1 ) with a trackpad…. Windows doesn’t seem to have the precision trackpad settings under the “mouse and touchpad” settings. I have tried Trackpad++ …. it has a very limited set of gestures to use. Better than nothing…. free to try… $15 to buy. Wish it had: ability to link keystrokes and hotkeys to multi touch gestures. I spent at least an hour and a half looking around and Googling for things like: like strokeit gestures but for windows 8.1 and  multi touch trackpad gestures windows 8.1. I didn’t find anything worthwhile. Maybe next I’ll try search and learn more about how good the multi touch gestures are in Windows 8.1 and if there are any additional applications out there that can improve the experience.