I’ve been doing some professional photography work on the side… After I shoot the photos I have someone else help me with the postprocessing of the images. Currently after I shoot my 20 GB of photos and/or video I have the monumental task of getting the media off of the memory cards and to this other person. Normally this means I insert the memory card into my computer where it is automatically added to my Dropbox camera uploads folder. I then share those images with the other person. The problem is that this ties up my main computer’s hard drive space, bandwidth, and forces me to keep it connected to the Internet in order to make the process happen faster.

I’m thinking it would be much better if I had a little device that I could plug my memory card into that would automatically upload by media to the cloud location of my choosing. Maybe a little green light would indicate that the upload was completed successfully. My computer wouldn’t have all of those disk hogging photos and videos on it and I would be free to use my computer in the meantime.

I’m thinking that this would be the perfect job for a RaspberryPi….

I was googling around looking to see if a device or service like this existed. I googled for the following things but didn’t find any solutions:
– upload your photos and videos to your dropbox without a computer
– photographers upload your photos and videos to your dropbox without a computer
– standalone dropbox device
– make your raspberrypi a real dropbox
– this device auto uploads memory card contents to cloud dropbox